NFA Video Feed: Whaddya Think?

#NFA12 was momentous, but the awards ceremony was particularly raucous. We couldn’t have had more fun (and adventure) in our inaugural attempt at a live video broadcast of the event. We are also thrilled to have so many people joining Interp Outfitters in celebrating the activity.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the video feed. Did you watch it from home or work? On your phone or computer? Chatting with other forensics alums?

As you can see in our Twitter photo, our set-up was a bit DIY. We’re already making plans to upgrade the technology and coverage for both NFA and AFA next year.

What was your favorite moment of the awards ceremony? What was the biggest surprise?

Keep up the conversations! We love hearing from you! And if you joined for the nationals results, please keep an eye out as we continue to update our Tumblr ( with more posts, essays, pics, videos, and any content that forensicators would find fascinating.

Congratulations to all the teams and competitors on the end to a great season!

Now, for NFL!

Insider Tips For Competitors At Ohio University

Upperclassmen at NFA may have some recollection of the layout of the host school, Ohio University. I mean, come on, the student center is pretty unforgettable.

There’s more to competing in Ohio this weekend than joy riding escalators and sprinting to Bagel Street Deli during off-rounds. To help students and coaches alike, we’ve enlisted the assistance of Dan Glaser, the 2010 National Individual Sweepstakes Champion and Ohio University alum. Below, you’ll find insider information on how to save time, stay caffeinated, and maximize your time in Athens.


Shortcut to Bentley
Avoid taking the long way to Bentley Hall from Baker Center. Turn left when you first walk out the 4th floor of Baker and look for the staircase on your right that will take you into Bentley through the back entrance.

Tournament Food dos and don’ts:
Do try the tortellini soup in Baker Center, a quick slice of Goodfella’s Pizza, and sample the plethora of bagel sandwiches offered at Bagel Street Deli uptown. Don’t get caught late for rounds waiting on the poor service at the Buffalo Wild Wings & leave the burritos from Burrito Buggy for those on your team with an iron stomach.

Beware the echo:
Final rounds will be in big rooms that may not have the best acoustics for that boisterous climax to your DI. Be on the lookout if you’re competing in Walter Rotunda, Galbreath Chapel or the dining hall in Bromley.

Frontroom Coffee Card
If you plan on consuming a lot of coffee during your time at the NFA marathon… Errr tournament… pick up a coffee punch card at the Frontroom on the 4th floor of Baker and earn your way to a free cup.

Emergency Pit Stop
Pick up those last minute toiletries, office supplies, or extra pair of panty-hos at the CVS uptown on Court Street. Walk straight out the 4th floor of Baker Center for two blocks and CVS will be on your right after you pass Wendy’s.

When In Athens, Do As the Athenians

If you’re at NFA this next week (at five days, I think we are obligated to stop calling it a weekend) you’ll find yourself in the charming little town of Athens. And unless you’re entered in LD and all four patterns of IE’s (bless your heart) you should have at least a little spare time on your hands.

So quit eating nugget goop at McDonald’s while staring at your smartphone! You are a forensicator! You are too cosmopolitan and sophisticated for that nonsense! You need to get out and check out everything that Athens has to offer! Oh, but where do we begin?

Have no fear! Forensics Alum and Ohio University Admissions Advisor, Tony Sylvester, was kind enough to answer our call for his five favorite places to visit in Athens. Read on, road warriors! Maybe if the timing is right, you’ll catch me chowing down at Bagel Street Deli in the most un-ladylike fashion.
The National Forensic Association National Tournament is the marathon everyone has been gearing up for this year. It is a great time to be with friends from across the nation and for seniors to have their final goodbyes; however, it is also a great opportunity to explore the community in which the tournament is held.
Ohio University is in the quintessential college town of Athens, Ohio. Established in 1797 for the purpose of higher education, Athens has become well-known for many reasons. Nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Athens is a historic and beautiful destination for many travelers.
According to Mother Earth News in 2006, Athens County was named one of the Top 12 Great Places You’ve Never Heard Of. Athens is often thought of as a hidden treasure. Additional nationally known features about this small town in South East Ohio, is Athens as one of the Top 100 Art Communities in America and a top 10 College Town according to MSN in 2011.
All of these fun facts are great to know, but when you’re in town for only 5 days and it’s consumed with performance, where are the best five places that you can go on your down time?

Donkey Coffee and Espresso:
After just celebrating their 10th year anniversary, this is a great stop to pick up your energy during those long competition hours. Located on 17 ½ Washington Street, 3 blocks from Baker University Center, Donkey Coffee and Espresso provides a cozy space to enjoy the best coffee the world has to offer. Donkey Coffee exclusively sells Fair Trade coffee, providing exception hospitality!

O’Betty’s Red Hot!:
Themed after burlesque dancers, O’betty’s gourmet hotdogs is a great place to stop for a bite to eat. Located on West Union and West State Street in Uptown Athens, O’betty’s truly offers the hot dog “snap” experience when you take that first bite!

Jackie O’s Pub & Brewery:
Located on West Union, Jackie O’s brews “neo-traditional handcrafted artisan ales.” One of the most well-known places among Athenians and students, whether it’s for a pint, for dinner or to watch some live music, Jackie O’s is a space where everyone experiences an atmosphere that screams Athens!

Bagel Street Deli:
Bagel Street Deli (BSD) is located Uptown Athens on Court Street and is a common favorite among out-of-towners. As you enter the building their walls are brick and have an impression from every customer. They’re covered in chalk writing that patrons are allowed to sign. They offer over 20 different bagels and are open at 8 a.m. if coffee quite isn’t enough.

Big Mama’s Burritos: (no website)
Three blocks from Baker University Center Big Mama’s Burritos is open late for the fourth meal kind of person! I personally recommend a Chipotle Mama with pork and sombrero sauce!

These five places are personally my favorite destinations in Athens. I hope you will have the time to check them out. Have fun, speak well, and don’t go over time!

Call For Submissions: Retiring Coaches

If you attended the AFA-NIET 2012, then you know that senior competitors weren’t the only ones celebrating their final national tournaments. At the awards ceremony, it was noted that this would mark the final year of participation from coaches such as Dan Smith of Bradley University and Joel Hefling of South Dakota State University.

Chances are, this national tournament season marks the end for several coaches and graduate assistants whether it be for professional or personal circumstances.

So, great and powerful internet, spread out your electronic connections. We’ve been covering the college national tournaments since 2009 and have seen people come together to celebrate competition. This year, we’d like folks to gather in celebration of the coaches who have dedicated years to inspiring and motivating students and alumni.

If you know of any high school or collegiate coaches who are retiring this year - we’re looking for submissions. Submissions should be 150 - 200 words in length and include (obviously) the name of the coach and where they worked as well as (ideally) the length of time they’ve been involved with forensics and the legacy they leave behind. This includes coaches who may have retired after Phi Rho Pi or the AFA-NIET. Any coaches who may be celebrating their final season are welcome to be commemorated as well (we would include those in our NFL coverage).

Send your submission to interpoutfitters (at) gmail (dot) com and we will do our best to post them throughout the week.

Live Coverage of NFA at Ohio University

We’ve had just enough time to recover from the NIET in San Marcos, Texas and tweeting up #AFA12 to think, “Hey, let’s do it all over again!”

We’ll be covering NFA using (primarily) #NFA12 and #NFA2012 on Twitter. Throughout the week, we will posting photos, blog posts, observations, and coverage of postings and awards.

So come Monday, make sure you have all of your electronic devices charged up for the main event!